Finance of America Mortgage

A fully responsive business website for a mortgage company branch.

What the Company Wanted

Before beginning to work on the website, I made sure I understood exactly what the company's vision was. These are some of the most important things that they wanted the website to portray and include. Therefore, I thought of these items as goals for the website during the design and development process.

Desktop and Mobile Design

It was important to make this website responsive so that potential customers have the convenience to access it from their mobile phones or computers. I used media queries and some flexbox layouts to create mobile and desktop versions. I also omitted and adapted some elements for mobile viewing in order to preserve usability.

Design Thought Process

My goal with this design was to create a professional business website that represented the company's mission and created a positive impression in the minds of consumers. I made sure to include relevant information about the company's services, previous customer reviews and a gallery to showcase buyers receiving their homes. I also choose to keep the color scheme mostly neutral with the incorportation of the company's custom colors present in their logo to maintain consistent branding.